My journey, so far

thanks to Michael Beddoes for the pic x

thanks to Michael Beddoes for the pic x

I’ve been exploring mind and body, energy and consciousness with dedication for the last 9 years. I came to sound through yoga, fascinated by mantra and the power of voice & vibration. Now I specialise in working with the majestic gong, for self healing & meditation. 

Sound has been the guiding thread of my journey through various studies; from kriya yoga & yoga therapy to gong master training, healing with the voice and women’s shamanism.

I’m passionate about sharing sound, breath & movement practices which can bring transformation in all areas of life, all layers of our being. This has certainly been my own experience and my intention is to help others on their journey to re-connect with Spirit or Self.

I’ve travelled widely in India & Nepal and drifted around London & Hertfordshire on a house boat. Recently I’ve been more about putting down roots, by the ocean in West Cornwall, where ancient & elemental energies feed my soul.

With love & resonance. Namaste!