I’m Ali - sound healing practitioner, gongstress, co-founder of Resonant Retreats, yoga teacher, holistic yoga therapist, travelling nature lover!

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You can find me offering healing sound treatments for individuals/ couples here in Cornwall as well as group gong sessions in St Austell, Truro, Newquay, Bristol, London & Scotland! Join me on a mini retreat in the UK or longer retreats in Europe & India

I came to sound through yoga and mantra and now specialise in working with the gong, which I feel is an extension of the yogic path: transformation, self healing, union, wholeness. 

I’m passionate about sharing sound, breath & movement practices which can bring transformation in all areas of life, all layers of our being. This has certainly been my own experience!

My approach draws upon the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & the elements; as a way of understanding body-mind-energy and bringing it into harmony. Through my travels I'm always gathering new inspirations, new ways to understand sound & vibration.

Connection to nature is essential to me (and I believe all of us!). I spent many years drifting around London & Hertfordshire on a house boat and have now relocated to the ocean in Cornwall.

I realised as I paused to create this website, there was a sense of resonance; everything so far coming together. All the amazing guides and teachers; different streams of knowledge; the trust and sadhana; of stumbles, resisting, surrender! Finally being in a place (most of the time!) of believing in myself and following my own truth. 

Any path is about finding our own inner teacher; teaching is simply serving or guiding others to do the same. I hope we may share some of this amazing journey!

With love. Namaste.