Gong sound bath

Intrigued to explore sound for deep relaxation, meditation & self healing? Guided movement or breath work settles you into the space before surrendering into an ocean of gong vibrations. A changing selection of instruments such as conch shell, crystal bowls, hang drum, rain sticks, shakers, voice & shruti box helps guide a journey through sacred sound; towards silence & wholeness. Events in St Just/ Redruth/ Penryn/ Newquay/ St Austell

All-night gong puja

Ever wanted to sleep over in the gong space? This is your opportunity to bring your bedding (and intentions) to receive healing vibrations through the night. Held around seasonal celebrations such as Samhain & Imbolc, the gong puja created by Don Conreaux is a transformational sound ceremony facilitated by an experienced group of players; 8 beautifully crafted gongs are played continuously at a steady, blissful volume. Includes breakfast, grounding & sharing.

Sacred sound immersions

Interested in learning more about the power of sound for transformation? NEW all-day, hands-on workshops held on the Equinoxes at Roselidden Farm, nr Helston. An opportunity to share, grow & receive; we will guide you though working with gongs, crystal bowls & himayalan bowls, for yourself & others. As well as meditation/ healing techniques using the voice.

Yin resonance

A powerful blend of yin yoga and crystal singing bowls. The ‘yin way’ is to surrender into simple postures for longer (3 mins +); through soft stillness accessing the deeper darker layers of body and mind. Meditative, nourishing and challenging all at once yin yoga is the perfect opener to sound healing; the pure song of the crystal bowls plus chimes, rainsticks and mantras moves deep into the energetic pathways of the body, attuning us to a sense of light and spaciousness.

Sounding in nature

With an abundance of ancient sites here in West Cornwall we love to play the gongs and create ceremony amongst the elements. It’s a different dynamic to a sound bath; listening and feeling for the interaction between nature, ourselves & the sounds.

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