Personalised sound

Working on an individual basis (or with a partner, friend or family) allows you to experience a more focused sound meditation/ journey where (unlike the group sessions) we are working only with YOUR intention, be that physical healing or spiritual growth.  

Some of the many therapeutic benefits of sound include: mental clarity, emotional balance, pain relief and coping with stress. I have worked with people in various states of health, all ages and from all walks of life. I love that more and more people are opening to sound as the thread that connects us all; and can reconnect each of us to Self or Spirit, which is the ultimate ‘healing’!

Each session is unique and intuitive, beginning with a confidential consultation which helps us both understood where you are at right now, on every level. I work from home near St Just as well as Helston Holistic Therapies (singing bowl massage only). Please contact me to discuss availability & investment. Once you know if this path is for you I recommend a course of treatments, to create lasting change.



The gong is an instrument of transformation & peace which has a unique ability to ‘bypass’ the mind and allow healing to take place. As you lay snug and supported several high quality planetary & symphonic gongs are moved around the space and over the body, bringing you into close contact with the power & subtleties of their universal sound. Other instruments may be included to guide your unique journey, such as conch shell, crystal bowls, shakers, my voice & shruti box.


“One by one Ali began to play the instruments, combining them with the beautiful soft tones of her voice. At first it was as though I was inside a wind up music box, soothing noises lulling me into a peaceful doze. I was awakened by an explosion of sound that shocked every cell in my body. A thundering boom from one of the gongs filled the hut, echoing back and forth, taking me to a far flung spiritual land inhabited by temples and Buddhist monks.”

— Breathe Magazine, May 2017



Ancient & mysterious Himalayan ‘singing’ bowls create beautiful harmonics & overtones which unravel physical & mental tensions. A beautiful sensory treatments combining sound & touch. During the treatment I invite you to set an intention, relax, breathe & simply follow the sound. A selection of Himalayan ‘singing’ bowls is placed gently on and around the body, cocooning you in healing sound, inside and out. I also use my voice (toning and mantra), rain sticks, chimes & gentle drumming.

Options: RESTORE THE FLOW (Sound massage for women’s wellness) / SPACE TO BE  (Sound massage for stress relief)

“I haven’t felt so rested in a long time as I did after my one to one with you Ali. It was such a special experience. I am very grateful. Thank you for sharing your amazing offerings.”

— Sarah