Personalised sound

Do you wish to explore the meditative, transformational & healing aspects of sound more deeply? Or find a unique way to connect with a loved one? I offer treatments for individuals, couples or families here in Cornwall.

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A space dedicated just to you & the sound 

Working on an individual basis (or with a partner, friend or family) allows you to experience a more focused sound journey and to work with your own intention, be that physical healing or spiritual growth.  

Some of the many therapeutic benefits of sound include: mental clarity, emotional release & rebalancing, pain relief and coping with stress. I have worked with people of all states of health, all ages, from all walks of life; I love that more and more people are opening to sound as the thread that connects us all, and can connect each of us to our deepest self.  

Each treatments is unique and intuitive, beginning with a confidential consultation which helps us both understood where you are at right now, on every level. We may begin with my voice, move into a singing bowl massage then the gong. I also love to work with the etheric sounds of the crystal bowls. There is always time afterwards for tea, questions, integration & grounding. 

Regular appointments available in my treatment space near St Just, on the wonderful West Penwith coast. Home visits can be arranged on request. Please contact me if you'd like to have an initial chat about whether this is for you, and for availability & costs. 

One by one Ali began to play the instruments, combining them with the beautiful soft tones of her voice. At first it was as though I was inside a wind up music box, soothing noises lulling me into a peaceful doze. I was awakened by an explosion of sound that shocked every cell in my body. A thundering boom from one of the gongs filled the hut, echoing back and forth, taking me to a far flung spiritual land inhabited by temples and Buddhist monks.
— Breathe Magazine, May 2017
I haven’t felt so rested in a long time as I did after my one to one with you Ali. It was such a special experience. I am very grateful. Thank you for sharing your amazing offerings.
— Sarah