Creating conscious connections

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Resonant Retreats evolved from many inspiring chats over tea on my house boat. Fran Paz (Moody Mango Raw Cuisine) and I shared a desire to offer more; to work in collaboration, rather than trying to 'do it all'. To hold authentic, loving spaces where people can just 'be'.

A competitive yang culture of doing, striving, rushing often seeps into how we approach even 'well-being'; ticking a box rather than allowing time to really feel and integrate. 

On a Resonant Retreat we hope you will connect, revitalise, laugh, share & grow with us. We are all about empowering others to find a greater sense of harmony in their lives, as we have done, through yoga, sound & plant-based nutrition. 

We hold mini retreats in London twice per year which include chanting, yin yoga, healing sound bath, light supper (raw, vegan, GF), community & sharing. And longer, in depth retreats in Cornwall, Europe & India.

“Last year’s India retreat was one of the most happiest, transformative & positive experiences I’ve ever had...simultaneously light & deep. The love, wisdom and effort you poured in were amazing and I’m so grateful to have been on the receiving end ” Nicole, UK