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All-night Gong Puja - Devon

The GONG PUJA, created by grand gong-master Don Conreaux is a transformational experience for both players and receivers. Bringing their bedding into the gong space, receivers spend the whole night in a cocoon of healing vibrations from 8 high quality planetary & symphonic gongs, which are played continuously, on rotation by a group of experienced gong practitioners (including Hilly Dowling & Ali Gunning).

This sacred sound ceremony co-incides with both Diwali, the festival of lights, and moving into the dark half of the year. So we may wish to contemplate both the dark and light within.

We gather for an opening circle with chanting, meditation & intention then move into silence as the gongs begin to play.

The Puja is different to a gong bath in that the level of sound remains continuous through the night - many people sleep very deeply or experience that they drift between states of consciousness. 

After the gongs finish in the morning there will be a deep silence before guided integration, a shared breakfast and closing/ sharing circle. Herbal teas, our special chai and (vegan) breakfast are provided but you are welcome to bring some food to share (vegi only please).

The space is warm with underfloor heating. However please dress warmly in layers; you will be laying on the floor through the night and the body temperature may fluctuate with the energetic effects of the sound. You will need to provide all your own bedding.

Flow of the event:

  • Please have your bed set up by 9.30pm. Doors are open from 8.30pm

  • Gongs from 10.30pm through the night

  • Breakfast 8am

  • Sharing & closing

  • You will need to clear your bedding etc by 9.45am

What to bring/ wear:

  • Comfy clothing, layers, thick socks

  • Please bring a scarf or eye pillow to shade your eyes (the puja will be candle-lit but the venue has some emergency lighting)

  • Something to lay on (several layers of yoga mats, camping mat or inflatable mattress - nothing that squeaks please or we will have to remove it!)

  • Covers such as duvet, sleeping bag, blankets

  • A pillow or cushion for your head

  • Pictures or sacred objects for the altar

  • Any extra refreshments you need - and a closed flask for drinks in the space

Please note:

If you are pregnant, have a pace-maker, any issues with hearing, recent surgery with metal implants or any health concerns about working with sound please speak to Ali or Hilly before booking 07855 402837/ 07801 694289.

The puja is a powerful occasion and we recommend you have attended several gong/ sound baths with us before booking.

The space will be kept meat, alcohol and drug free throughout. We can't wait to share this special occasion with you. Places are limited so please book soonest. For more detailed info about the gong puja please read my blog post here

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