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Personalised sound treatments in Edinburgh

As I'll be in Edinburgh this weekend, I'm offering a handful of personalised treatments, a chance to really explore the sound with me, dedicated to your own intention.

Sacred sound re aligns us on the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual levels. In a personalised sound bath you'll experience a journey through healing vibrations. Beginning with voice and singing bowls on the body, before being immersed in the powerful gong vibrations and soothed by the natural sounds of rainsticks, shakers and bells. This session is all and only about you; setting an intention and letting go of all other stresses and responsibilities. The gong is the most powerful and diverse sound healing instrument. It's vibrations are felt by every cell of the body and soothe the brain waves into a deeply relaxed, meditative or blissful state.

Individuals (£50) and couples/ friends (£70) are welcome to book a time on Sunday 23rd July.