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Grateful Harvest - a one day Resonant Retreat in Cornwall


A one-day Resonant Retreat, hosted by Sara & Ali

At Cotna Eco Retreat & Organic Farm, Cornwall
Sunday Sept 24th 2017, 10am - 4pm

Yin yoga - healing gong bath - foraging - food - community

We are constantly in transition, harvesting the fruits of our thoughts and actions. Whatever has gone before was needed to bring us to this moment. On this Autumnal Equinox, as the seasons shift from summer to fall, we invite you to pause, reflect and nurture. 

We welcome you to the serene surroundings of Cotna, award winning eco retreat & organic farm, situated on Cornwall’s beautiful Roseland peninsula. The day begins with home-made infusions and snacks before setting off on a meditative nature walk. Cotna’s founder and cook Sara will guide you through the art of foraging and growing in harmony with the land and seasons. The harvested veggies and herbs will make their way onto your plate later in the afternoon! 

We tune in together to the theme of the day with a seasonal ritual. Yoga teacher and gongstress Ali will guide you through a yin yoga sequence focusing on the lungs and large intestine meridians. By staying in each posture for longer with mindfulness, stillness and surrender we access the deeper, darker layers of the body mind; releasing long-held physical and emotional knots. 

Shavasana flows into the gong bath, a powerful form of sonic relaxation, meditation and self healing. The gong is an ancient tool for raising consciousness and transformation. Ali weaves a sound ‘journey' from large planetary and symphonic gongs, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls and bells, elemental instruments, shruti box and voice. 

For lunch we share a Mediterranean style feast of fresh organic produce grown entirely at Cotna. The day concludes with a sharing circle and reflection. 


Pre booking for the retreat is essential. Please contact Ali / 07855402837

Investment £75 per person. Early bird £70 before 4th Sept.

(Please ask about concession for low income/ not working/ students).

Glamping and self catering eco accommodation is available at Cotna, please book online at


About the hosts:

Sara Readman-Smyth was a teacher, trainer and examiner in London before she came to Cornwall.  She brings a reflective side to life at Cotna through yoga and meditation, encouraging the use of the straw-bale orchard studio and yurts for solitary, reflective and spiritual retreats. She is a Homoeopath, has trained in Ayurveda and has travelled extensively in both Europe & Asia, particularly in South India.  She has always loved contact with other cultures through work and travel, and has integrated this into life at Cotna through her overseas links and interest in international cuisine. She delights in creating amazing sourdough bread, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and teaching others to do the same! 

Ali Gunning is a healing sound practitioner, yoga therapist and yoga teacher, based in Cornwall and traveling regularly in India. She came to sound through mantra and now specialise in working with the majestic Gong: a tool for raising consciousness; self healing, stillness, union and wholeness. 

She is passionate about sharing sound, breath & movement practices which can bring transformation in all areas of life, all layers of our being. This has certainly been her own experience! 


How to prepare: 

  • No yoga or gong experience is required! 
  • All are welcome - if you are pregnant or have issues with heart health or sound sensitivity please speak to Ali beforehand
  • The menu will be vegan - if you have any food allergies please also let us know
  • We advise you to leave 3 hours between eating and yoga/ gong practise
  • Snacks will be provided on arrival and lunch around 2.30pm
  • Please bring your yoga mat, a blanket and warm layers and a water bottle (we do have limited yoga mats if required)