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Resonant pre-charge - mini retreat - London

  • stretch Ada Street London, England, E8 United Kingdom (map)


As autumn surrenders into winter, the most ‘yin’ phase of the cycle, we are invited to pare back, get quiet and conserve energies. While nature prepares to hibernate, the approaching festive season demands yet more of our energy.

In this mini retreat we invite you to make space for you; to connect with the nourishing water element and listen to the flow of inner wisdom. We begin the day with seasonal centring before moving into yin yoga practise: staying in the poses for longer, surrendering; mindfully moving through the deeper, darker layers of body-mind. Yin is the perfect opener for the vibrations of the gong to move deep into the energy channels, and to explore the shifts of consciousness and wisdom that sound meditation can unfold.

Our raw, gluten free, plant-based sharing lunch is created by Moody Mango Raw Cuisine, prepared with loving intention and preserving all the prana of nature’s ingredients. This season we offer light latin spices to nourish digestion and a mayan cacao tonic to warm your hearts.

Resonant Retreats is all about creating conscious connections with the seasons, self and like minded community.

All are welcome!

£45 / £40 early bird before 20th October. Booking only via Booking closes one day prior.