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Recharge & resonate - restorative yoga & healing concert - Bristol

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Join Morven Hamilton & guest gongstress Ali Gunning for an evening of nourishing yoga and sacred sounds at Park Street's secret sanctuary.

As the festive season falls upon us, the need to replenish the body’s energy reserves is even greater (but sometimes a lot harder!). As nature becomes quiet, our inner calling is stillness.

The Folk House is tucked away from the warp and weave of busy city life and the yoga room is warm and cosy. Come, recharge, resonate and be amazed!

You can join us for both events or attend either the yoga or the concert.

A hot delicious yogi drink and some superfood treats will be served in the break between events.

tickets available now here

bout the Restorative yoga

Morven will lead the Restorative Yoga, a relaxing, meditative approach using props such as blankets and bolsters, supporting the body to gently release as opposed to actively stretching. The postures are held for periods of up to ten minutes when you will be lulled by the sounds of Ali's singing bowls. Being physically held in the posture and rocked softly by your breath allows muscular and emotional tension to evaporate, leaving you feeling clear and with a sense of heightened wellbeing. Suitable for those who are looking for a gentle or therapeutic approach to movement.

About the Gong and Healing Sound Concert

The ‘gong/ sound bath’ is usually an eyes closed, laying in shavasana experience; a deep journey through healing sounds which restores the resonance of body, mind and spirit. During our concert however, you can take a peek at how the vibrations emerge from these majestic instruments! Ali weaves together large planetary & symphonic gongs, conch shell, crystal bowls, singing bowls, elemental instruments, hang drum, voice and shruti box. Wrapped in the sounds, you can move into a place of deep relaxation or expanded consciousness. Feel free to sit, watch, stretch out or curl up snugly with loved ones.

About Morven and Ali

Ali Gunning is a healing sound practitioner, yoga therapist & yoga teacher, based in Cornwall and offering workshops & retreats in the UK, Europe & India. ‘I came to sound through mantra and now specialise in working with the majestic Gong: a tool for raising consciousness; self healing, stillness, union and wholeness.

I’m passionate about sharing sound, breath & movement practices which can bring transformation in all areas of life, all layers of our being. This has certainly been my own experience!' / @yogagongwithali

Morven Hamilton is a yoga and mindfulness teacher who specialises in restorative yoga and mindfulness for health and stress. She has been teaching yoga since 2008 and has been practising since 1996. Her own personal transformation through yoga has led her to share the teachings in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and further afield on retreat around the UK and Europe. She has worked extensively with people on the cancer journey and with those recovering from illness, depletion and injury. @yogabynatureuk