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Revive & Restore - one day retreat - Cornwall

  • roselidden farm cornwall (map)

The REVIVE & RESTORE day promises to soothe your mind, stimulate your natural immune system and generate deep relaxation and natural flow.

A blend of vinyasa yoga, pranayama, meditation and gong bath will replenish your reserves for the Winter months ahead; aligning you with the seasonal changes that are occurring naturally through light, mood, temperature and rhythm. 

Through movement, breath work and sound the body will be reminded that its ok to slow down, and in doing so natural defenses will wake up and the body and mind will feel balanced, refueled and relaxed.

Surrender to a day of gently unwinding and allow Lizzy, Anna and Ali to guide you in to a place of alignment, by connecting deeply with each of these nourishing practices. 

We provide a warming Winter soup, bread and teas. You are also welcome to bring a vegetarian dish or snacks to share.

Tickets available here 

Vinyasa yoga with Lizzy

The morning yoga practise will gently warm up the body, beginning the journey inward using the vehicle of conscious breathing linked with movement. The practise will be suitable for all levels of ability, Lizzy offers detailed alignment queues, enabling each individual to find the essence of the pose that best suits their body. Movement with greater awareness will prepare both body and mind on the path toward mediation and deep relaxation.

Pranayama & meditation with Anna

Anna offers you a deep pranayama practice; learning the art of breathing for health and well-being. The technique of controlling our breath, Pranayama, is an age-old method for altering our breathing movements intentionally to yield specific results. Meaning “breath control” or “extension of the prana”, pranayama is an integral part of the yogic discipline that originated in India a few thousand years ago. You will learn some simple breathing techniques that can be easily practiced at home so that your immune system isn’t compromised during the Winter months. You will also learn the art of slowing down the chaos in the mind with just a few breaths to help with insomnia, anxiety and negative thoughts. This will lead on to learning the art of meditating on the breath to dissolve negative habit patterns of the mind leading to greater happiness, joy and a freer, truer self.

Gong bath ceremony with Ali

We are composed of vibration, in connection to the universe around us. Sacred sound restores our sense of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. After a day of moving and breathing there is nothing more to do than get snug, set your intention and surrender into the waves of healing sound. Ali guides you on a journey towards wholeness, through voice, conch shell, large symphonic & planetary gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, elemental sounds & shruti box.

Flow of the day:

  • Opening circle and intention
  • Vinyasa yoga class
  • Sharing lunch
  • Meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra
  • Gong bath ceremony
  • Closing circle

What’s provided/ what to bring:

  • Lunch and cups of tea will be provided. We invite you to bring any vegetarian fod you like to share. 
  • Yoga mats will be available to use.
  • Please bring cushions, 1-2 blankets, warm socks, layers and a scarf to shade your eyes during the gong bath


  • We recommend to eat lightly in the 2 hours before coming to the workshop
  • Dress comfortably and warm – as the body temperatures may change throughout the day.
  • Bring a notebook & pen if you wish to journal

About us:

Lizzy Bridges teaches vinyasa yoga, yoga that links breath and movement together in a flowing sequence of poses. Lizzy focuses her classes around building inner awareness, using breath and body sensation as an anchor to the present moment. Offering her students increased physical and metal space.

‘I love how this practise has the potential to shine a light in every corner of your being, offering the space to deepen self knowledge through breath and movement.’

Anna Sadler is an adult meditation teacher; kids and families yoga and mindfulness teacher. She also practices soul-midwifery (spiritual and holistic companionship for the dying). She is training to teach Biodanza (the dance of life using music, movement and positivity to deepen self-awareness).

Anna’s background is in Fine Art performance based studies and research in to ‘this presence we seek’. / FB Calm Kids Cornwall

Ali Gunning is a healing sound practitioner, yoga therapist & yoga teacher, based in Cornwall and offering workshops & retreats in the UK, Europe & India. ‘I came to sound through mantra and now specialise in working with the majestic Gong: a tool for raising consciousness; self healing, stillness, union and wholeness. I’m passionate about sharing sound, breath & movement practices which can bring transformation in all areas of life, all layers of our being. This has certainly been my own experience!' / @yogagongwithali