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Saturday Sanctuary June - yin yoga & sound - St Agnes

Saturday Sanctuary - a space for you...

Ali invites you to an exploration of stillness & sound; monthly Saturdays in the beautiful surroundings of the wellbeing rooms at the Miners & Mechanics Institute, St Agnes. A deep, meditative yin yoga sequence followed by the sacred, healing sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, conch shell, voice, shruti box & elemental instruments. To close the day: grounding chai & optional sharing/ questions. 

About the practise:

Yin yoga works on the deeper, darker layers of the body, which are untouched by faster, flowing (yang) practise. We surrender into the postures for long periods of time, mindfully witnessing the flow of breath, energy, thoughts. The 'shapes' we make stimulate the flow of chi or prana to the meridians & vital organs. Yin is physically challenging and builds resilient awareness. 

A 'sound 'bath' or 'gong meditation' involves simply laying comfortably and cozily, cocooned in the vibrations of the gongs and other instruments. The sounds move you into a theta (brain) wave state of deep relaxation, meditation & transformation. Sound healing is becoming increasingly popular in helping regain healthy resonance; physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. 

Flow of the day:

The combination of yin and gong is particularly powerful - you are welcome to attend either or both sessions. There will be a 15 minute break in between. The sound begins at 5.30pm sharp so please arrive at 5.15pm.

What to bring:

All yoga equipment is provided, pls dress comfortably and bring warm layers, a cushion for your head & extra blanket if you feel the cold. Please leave 2.5hrs between eating & practise and bring drinking water. 


Single session contribution £12/ Both £20 / Any 5 yin & gong sessions £80. 

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