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Sownd'ya - Cornwall's festival of healing sound

  • Boswedden House Cape Cornwall Road TR19 7NJ UK (map)

Welcome to the inaugural Sownd’ya - Cornwall's festival of healing sound!

About the event:

A one-day festival celebrating the power and vitality of healing sounds enshrined in the magical energies at the edge of the Atlantic in West Penwith, Cornwall. Experience the vibrations of Gongs and crystal bowls, the Didjeridoo, Overtone singing, Tuning forks, chants and healing mantras and more… The day will begin with a sound awakening ceremony and end with live music performance and closing ceremony.

This year's theme will be 'dark moon', attuning to the energies of the new lunar cycle - you are welcome to bring this theme into your attire or intentions for the day!

The facilitators:

George Bradley-Peer  - a musician and artist currently performing with Shallal, an inclusive community Dance Theatre. His love of sound, of seeing, of wondering continues to steer his life to new kinds of being.

Peter Grigg  - a Cornishman and unique didgeridoo player. He has been playing and exploring with the agave didgeridoo for 11 years. His love for the aborigines and their way of life has inspired him to develop an individual style of playing, which promotes awakening sound healing, with vibrations and overtones. His playing stimulates dreamtime journeying for an individual relaxing experience.

Ali Gunning -  a sound healer, yoga therapist and retreat facilitator based in Penwith, she is passionate about sharing sound, breath & movement practises that bring deep transformation on all levels of being. For more info: @resonantbeing

Erica Longdon -  a writer, metaphysician and healer who specialises in the use of tuning forks to facilitate recalibrating mind, body and spirit using targeted frequencies. She draws on the body's innate knowledge of healing to return us to harmony and sound health. 

Val Stagg - a sound healer, shamanic practitioner, voice coach and retreat facilitator, she is passionate about enabling and supporting people to get in touch with their wild soul selves through voice, body and connection to spirit. For more info:

Booking information:

Event takes place at Boswedden House, near St Just

10am - 10pm Saturday 28th Sept 2019

All day tickets available now include: opening ceremony, 6 workshop sessions held during the day, teas & coffees, tasty vegan supper, live performance in the evening & closing ceremony.

Tickets now available (plus online payment processor fees)

Full festival tickets (includes dinner): £85 / Day tickets (including all workshops): £60 / Sound healing concert (evening ticket): £15


Payment in full is required to confirm your place. Please book online.

Tickets are non refundable but are transferable if you want someone to attend in your place. Please advise us of the new attendees details.

You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing before and after the event, please read each workshop description for specific contraindications and speak to the facilitators about any health concerns.