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Yoga by Nature Urban Retreat

I'm delighted to be collaborating on Morven's summer retreat in Bristol. Info below and booking here.

Connect deeply to your yoga and celebrate the senses with a whole day of yoga, gong, essential oils and massage.

eel it, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it!  Doing things all the time desensitises us to the miracles of the world we live in. This year's Summer Urban Retreat will be a feast for the senses - you'll heighten your awareness and ground yourself in your body with a two-hour dynamic morning practice, including yoga nidra.

After a potluck lunch you will be treated to an essential oils workshop where you'll make your own doTerra oil blend from a recipe and learn a simple hand massage.

To round off the day, Ali and Morven will guide you in a deeply restorative, blissful yoga session with the sounds of crystal bowls to lull you into peace, and finally Ali will lead a 90 minute gong bath to make sure you are well and truly cooked by 4.30pm.

n this workshop, we aim to provide a space for you to heighten your awareness and reconnect to Nature through the senses. Tantric schools of yoga teach us transcendence through immanence - in other words, use everything around you to nourish your spirit. As we go through our daily routines we tend to numb-out to the familiar so this is a chance to regain your sense of wonder and more importantly to relax and reconnect to yourself.

bout the gong

The universe is composed of vibration and, as the universe in miniature, so are we...every cell, body part and thought. Sacred sound re aligns us on the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual levels. The gong is the most powerful and diverse sound healing instrument. Its vibrations and overtones are felt by every cell of the body and soothe the brain waves into a deeply relaxed, meditative or blissful state. Planetary, symphonic and elemental gongs are accompanied by singing bowls, elemental instruments, voice, conch shell and shruti box. There is nothing for you to do, simply set your intention, let go and allow the sounds to guide you on a deep inner journey towards wholeness.

li is offering one to one sessions on the 27th August. Please enquire about availability. Read more about Ali here.

bout the essential oils

Essential Oils are natural compounds extracted from plants that have been used in natural healing for thousands of years throughout the world. In this workshop you will learn how simple it could be to include just two or three oils in your daily life to enhance your health and wellbeing. You will have a chance to smell and experience the benefits of some of Nature's most healing oils and I’ll share some ideas about how to include them as part your yoga practice. You will also get to choose, make up and take home your own rollerbottle blend of oils. The session will be led by Morven, inspired by Leonie.

Essential oils can be used to

* Boost your immunity
* Support respiratory function
* Protect against seasonal threats
* Promote calm, relaxation and restful sleep
* Soothe sore muscles and joints
* Reduce head tension

* Improve digestive function
* Replace expensive store bought toxic cleaning products
* Make delicious treats and healthy recipes
* Support emotional health

eonie is offering free one to one follow up sessions on personalising your use of essential oils. Your first shiatsu or other treatment with her will be discounted 20%.

Read more about Leonie here.

About the yoga

Morven will lead you through a morning of dynamic Hatha flow yoga interweaved with mindfulness and somatics. The sequence will be creative and playful, playing your edges and flowing with the breath to bring the bodymindbreath into harmony. We'll end our session with yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Read more about Morven here.

otluck lunch

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share. Something that can be served cold would be perfect- it can be salad, houmous, your speciality, dessert - anything! I will be providing bread, a selection of herbal teas and afternoon treats.