One by one Ali began to play the instruments, combining them with the beautiful soft tones of her voice. At first it was as though I was inside a wind up music box, soothing noises lulling me into a peaceful doze. I was awakened by an explosion of sound that shocked every cell in my body. A thundering boom from one of the gongs filled the hut, echoing back and forth, taking me to a far flung spiritual land inhabited by temples and Buddhist monks.
— Breathe Magazine

I haven’t felt so rested in a long time as I did after my one to one with you Ali. It was such a special experience. I am very grateful. Thank you for sharing your amazing offerings.
— Sarah, UK

Last year’s India retreat was one of the most happiest, transformative & positive experiences I’ve ever had...simultaneously light & deep. The love, wisdom and effort you poured in were amazing and I’m so grateful to have been on the receiving end.
— Nicole, UK

The gong session helped very much in a moment of intense external stress and worry. I found the resonance and vibration to support, encourage and expand the breath, so there is a constant dialogue between both.
The body starts to open up on its own time, effortlessly, as if each organ, chakra, muscle, body and mind structure awakens like a flower in the right moment. There is no forcing, no pushing, the sound is the conduit for change. It is a very beautiful, poetic experience that makes you connect fully with life.
— Valeria, Argentina